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Nothing Like a Wet Nose!

Nothing Like a Wet Nose!

464309559Coming home to an empty house can be a lonely experience. When I was single and living alone, I was always wondering what my friends were doing. I would have loved to get a dog, but I really didn’t have the time to train a puppy properly, or the interest.

I decided a readymade pet was the way to go…so I headed to the humane society.

Sure they have puppies and kittens, but they also have full grown, trained pets that just need a good home and some love! If you are on the fence about getting a pet, consider these points:

1. Adopting a pet actually saves a life! Up to 12 million pets are euthanized each year; you can help lower that number with an adoption.

2. Your adopted pet will come with a clean bill of health and all their shots from the shelter’s veterinarian.

3. If you are watching your pennies, adopting from a shelter will cost far less than going through a breeder.

1790796974. Adopting an older pet will allow you to see their personality. Not to mention they will be out of the young puppy/kitty phase which could end in a very wild temperament.

5. Adopting will help keep animal breeding mills at bay. These facilities put money before the animals well being.

6. There’s nothing like a cold wet nose to prompt you into some action. Take your pet for a walk or play with it and enjoy the exercise benefits.

7. Studies show that pets have positive psychological effects on their owners. They provide unconditional love and social interaction.

Consider adopting from your local pet shelter. Your house can be a welcoming place at the end of the day with warm nuzzles from your new furry friend!

Remember, Protection 1 loves protecting your pets!

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Eve Baker keeps busy with her social media work at Protection 1 as well as her many interests in saving money. She has published ‘Couponing Made Easy’ and gives free seminars on how to effectively coupon in Wichita and the surrounding communities. She is dedicated to helping families’ improve their quality of life through saving money and making sound financial decisions in regards to running a household.

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    Great info to think about when deciding to add a pet to your life! They can be a handful at times but also bring so much joy!

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