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Does Your Landscaping Help Keep You Safe?

Does Your Landscaping Help Keep You Safe?

Landscaping doesn’t have to just be about aesthetics. Instead consider using nightscaping such as outdoor equipment or gardening to keep your home safe when the sun goes down.

Lighting can be easily incorporated into a landscaping plan. Wondering where to start? Ask yourself, where could an intruder hide? They’ll likely look for the darkest place around the perimeter of a home to enter from, so make sure to illuminate doorways and windows. Lighting can also be installed behind bushes or in trees and even along the ground.

Motion sensing lights are an effective option for illuminating the exterior of a home and providing an element of surprise to someone who gets too close to the residence. The lights are also cost-effective, since they switch on only upon motion detection.

For extra security, consider installing one or more cameras to allow you to monitor activity in your home or remotely via a mobile device.

Do you like to be involved? If so, look into joining or establishing a neighborhood watch program.

Not sure what kind of security you need for your home? Schedule a free evaluation by a security professional such as Protection 1.

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