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Thanksgiving Safety Graphics

Thanksgiving Safety Graphics

It’s busy and crowded at home. Scrambling family members fill the kitchen and living rooms while the delicious aroma of roasting turkey whets the appetite. Everyone is happily sharing snacks and sneaking bits of food from the prep items as they check on the progress of dinner during the commercial breaks of the holiday football game.

Little feet are pattering, scattering toys and laughs as they run. But watch out! In a busy Thanksgiving kitchen, nothing can change the mood faster than a hot accident in the kitchen!

During the Thanksgiving celebration, chaos WILL happen. It’s just a part of the fun, the stimuli, and what will become the memories to follow. Use caution and make them the best memories they can be by using this handful of simple rules:

Keep the floors – particularly any walking and working areas – free of toys and clutter.


Use the back burners and keep pot handles turned inward. This makes for less bumping, or possibly knocking hot food off of the stove.

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