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Awesome Pool Safety Alternatives

Awesome Pool Safety Alternatives

June is here. That means clearer skies, warmer weather, summer is starting, school is out, and swimming pools are open! With Summer nearly upon us, we have so many outdoor activities now available. Our calendars are starting to fill in with words like “camping trip”, “hiking”, “bike ride”, and my favorite “day at the pool!”.

June is the best month for swimmers and pool goers. The weather is hot but not blistering, and the cool breeze of spring is waning but still cools the air. Naturally it feels like the perfect weather for “fun in the sun”, but we need to be cautious as we relax to avoid the potential dangers that swimming pools can bring.

The easiest way to prevent accidents from occurring is the preparation that occurs beforehand. One of the best ways to do this is restricting both who and what has access to your pool.

–       Fencing off the area. This can be the most costly, yet most effective method. It keeps individuals out the swimming area if constructed and maintained properly. When fencing off an area make sure that there are no alternate means of entry or gaps in your fence, signs are clearly posted that warn trespassers, and the gates to entry are locked against intruders.

–       Use a “smart” security system. For those who like an extra hint of security, Protection 1 offers both wireless outdoor sensors and motion activated cameras for your home alarm that can chime inside the home, or notify you via cell phone when they are activated.  At any rate, if your fence is ineffective at keeping people out, there’s really no point to it right?

Ensuring you and your family receive the proper training is impossible to ignore. It can both prevent injuries due to submersion and make sure that treatment is applied quickly.

–       Act fast – CPR. Statistically, the earlier that CPR is administered, the greater the chance for survival. CPR instruction is instrumental in fatality prevention regardless if you choose to swim at home, in a lake or at a community swimming facility.

–       Learn to swim – Swimming lessons drastically reduce the risk of drowning and submersion injuries, especially in children that are younger than 5.

So you’ve made all the preparations, and received all the training there is to offer? What next? Although these next two sound obvious, they are often overlooked.

–       Be alert – Exercising situational awareness, making sure others are present during swimming activities and following guidelines can make all the difference. There are reasons that many public pools will have rules clearly stated and life guards present to enforce them and enforce swimmer safety. When supervising others, watch actively. Being distracted lowers response time and can be very costly to those involved.

–       Avoid alcohol consumption – Statistics show that alcohol accounts for “…70% of deaths associated with water recreation, almost 25% of Emergency Department visits for drowning, and about 20% reported boating deaths.  Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat.“

With these in mind it is important to consider that accidents do happen. These steps simply help prevent the possibilities that they do occur.

Some innovative ideas that our customers employ are door chimes to alert them when exterior doors are opened. This helps in monitoring pool access as they can be placed on a gate to a pool area, a back door, or any other access restricted zone.

Our automated and internet tools can also alert the users when a camera, sensor, or motion detector is triggered. This allows our customers to know the who, when, and where of their home. This is effective whether it is their family coming home from work or school, their children accessing the pool, or an intruder tampering with their home.

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