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When Summer Ends

When Summer Ends

476375733Getting ready for winter can be a big ordeal if you have more than a few things on the patio or deck. Leaving things outside for the extreme cold will weather them unnecessarily. This can cost you big money next spring (I’m speaking from experience)! However, there is one item I use year around: my grill.

Even though I won’t be retiring my grill for the winter, I still clean it up for safe cooking during the cold. Here are some things you can do to get your grill ready for winter, weather you are going to keep cooking or just store it for the winter:

Buy a cover for your grill to protect it from the elements. You can always take it off if you are going to use it. The cover will keep the strong winds, rain and ice from getting into the paint and other parts of the grill. Remember, water expands when it freezes causing things to crack that would otherwise be fine. If you can, store it in a shed or garage for even more protection.

166161376Scrape the inside walls of the grill and the grill grate to free them of food particles. Using a wire brush will loosen stuck-on particles. Once they are thoroughly clean, rub them down with olive oil to keep the rust off.
Repair broken or cracked pieces. Knobs and replacement parts can be purchased at the hardware store. Be sure to check hoses and connectors thoroughly.

If you are storing your grill, make sure the propane tank is disconnected. Don’t put the tank in an enclosed area, in case it leaks.

If your grill doesn’t clean up to your standards and you feel it’s time for a new one, now is the time to go shopping. End of summer sales will get you a new grill at a great price!

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    Here are some things you can do to get your grill ready for winter.

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