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Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

You always hear about things that go terribly wrong for well meaning people while they get ready for the holidays. Make staying safe this holiday season a top priority for you. Follow these safety tips and keep yourself safe:

  • If you are buying a fresh tree, keep it away from flames such as candles and fireplaces. Buy a recently cut tree, and keep the water pan filled. The tree will be greener longer and less likely to go up in flames.
  • When putting up outdoor lights, use the correct ladder. If you are overextending your reach, you are inviting yourself to fall! Check your ladder’s certification standard and make sure it complies with the application standard.
  • Take the time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work. Have a technician come and check your gas furnace. Prevention is the best key to warding off disasters!
  • Make sure your light strands are in good shape. Don’t use them if they have short, exposed wires or cracked sockets.
  • Don’t connect multiple extension cords together. Using a cord the proper length is your best defense against electrical fires and getting tangled up.

Keep checking Protection 1’s blog posts for more safety tips you can use this season!







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  1. Make staying safe this holiday season a top priority for you and your children by following these safety tips!

  2. Also an addition to the list of these safety ideas is to have a fire extinguisher readily available in the room where your celebrations will take place. Place it away from the tree and the fire place and have it placed somewhere close to the seating arrangement.

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