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Stacy Greenberg’s Safety Secrets: How to Travel Smart

Stacy Greenberg’s Safety Secrets: How to Travel Smart

One important thing that I’ve realized over the years is that traveling with kids is different than traveling by yourself. It’s important to be prepared with things like a travel sized cleaning kit, and to be cautious when selecting your carry-on bags.

I tend to be more protective when I’m with my family. My husband surely sees it, he catches me cleaning everything on the plane. He’ll be stowing our luggage and I’ll be scouting out areas I think germs could be and wiping them down: the seats, the arm rests. It’s not just a cleanliness factor for me.

Different airline carriers have different limits for what you can carry onto the plane. I hear people comment all the time how they’ve been dinged because a bag will suddenly be “too big” after a changeover. Then they’ll have to go back and check their luggage at the gate because it wouldn’t fit on the plane. If that happens, you not only have to deal with the inconvenience, but now you’re missing all of the important items you wanted to have with you as well.

Be smart and plan ahead for things like that. Contact your travel agent and learn as much as you can before you leave. If you don’t have a travel agent, you’re always able to go to the airline’s website and see their luggage restrictions. It’s always good to be prepared. Things happen, and sometimes you might have a last minute airline switch. In any case, it’s good to know.

About Stacy Steponate Greenberg

Stacy Steponate Greenberg has spent twenty years in the travel and hospitality industry, all of it in the luxury world, including lengthy stints with Hyatt Hotels and Starwood Hotels. Today, Stacy operates her luxury travel blog She is also known far and wide as Mrs. Greeny, the better half of ESPN's Mike Greenberg, with whom she travels to many of the biggest sporting events in the world. She also spends a great deal of time on Twitter (@stacygsg) documenting their travel and correcting as many of her husband's endless mistakes as possible. Stacy's greatest priorities are her two children, Nikki and Stephen, and her dog Phoebe, all of whom have made her security-obsessed. In addition, she loves all Chicago sports teams and still hopes to someday have dinner with Michael Jordan.

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