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Stacy Greenberg’s Safety Secrets: Why Security is Important

Stacy Greenberg’s Safety Secrets: Why Security is Important

When I think about what makes security important to me, really it’s all about comfort. I have two kids, our family travels a lot; I need to make sure everyone is safe and okay. Some might think I’m a bit security-obsessed! What can I say? I’m a mom!

familyAs my kids have gotten older we now can leave them home alone for a little while, which I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing without the extra layer of security. We need that protection, both for them and for us. It makes them feel safer to know we’re watching over them, and it makes us feel better too. No, I don’t think the house is going to burn down. But things happen sometimes, that’s life. So when something happens, I need to be ready. 15, 30, 60 seconds? That can make a big difference. If my kids were to call and say there was a problem, I would already know what it was.  If they set off the alarm, Mike and I know if it is an emergency or an accident, rather than having to backtrack first.

Security just helps me take better care of my family. That’s what it’s all about.

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About Stacy Steponate Greenberg

Stacy Steponate Greenberg has spent twenty years in the travel and hospitality industry, all of it in the luxury world, including lengthy stints with Hyatt Hotels and Starwood Hotels. Today, Stacy operates her luxury travel blog She is also known far and wide as Mrs. Greeny, the better half of ESPN's Mike Greenberg, with whom she travels to many of the biggest sporting events in the world. She also spends a great deal of time on Twitter (@stacygsg) documenting their travel and correcting as many of her husband's endless mistakes as possible. Stacy's greatest priorities are her two children, Nikki and Stephen, and her dog Phoebe, all of whom have made her security-obsessed. In addition, she loves all Chicago sports teams and still hopes to someday have dinner with Michael Jordan.

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