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Self-Improvement, the New Resolution!

Self-Improvement, the New Resolution!

160324655Everyone has room for a little personal growth and self-improvement. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, lots of people are wanting to focus on self-improvement. Weight loss is always a big part of new years intentions; however, mental health is starting to become a popular resolution as well! 

January is the perfect time to pick a few things you can work on and put your time and effort toward.

It’s one thing to think about improving your self and another to start acting on it. This is why we have gathered quite a few tips you can use as a guideline for your own self-improvement. If you would like more information on these self-improvement topics, visit

4656764751. Build your self confidence and self esteem

2. Deal with your negative thoughts and emotions 

 3. You create your own experiences

 4. Creative problem solving 

5. Never give up 

6. Smile your way through times of adversity 

756270787. Learn how to relax 

 8. Be yourself because you’re special already

 9. Be creative and learn new skills 

10. Make the most of your time

11. Learn more about yourself

 12. Study and learn from the best 

13. Do not allow outside influence to determine your happiness 

18585457314. Be kind And considerate to others 

15. Overcome your fears and anxiety 

16. Never accept or put up with a negative mood 

17. Let go of all negative resistance 

18. Raise your energy vibration 

18444138119. Do some regular exercise 

20. Morning rituals 

21. Life should flow easily and effortlessly 

22. Trust in your higher self 

23. Only deal with things when you’re feeling relaxed

Which of these tips will you commit to in 2015?

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Kaley is an intern with the Protection 1 Marketing Department. She is a sophomore at Stetson University, majoring in marketing and minoring in digital arts. She is also the Panhellenic representative of the Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Delta Delta.

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