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Bond On A Budget – Low Cost Security Techniques

Bond On A Budget – Low Cost Security Techniques

95467103Retina scanners? Self-destructing messages? Auto-defense turrets?

It all sounds pretty awesome, but MI6 can’t turn just ANYONE into James Bond!

Can you really be James Bond on a budget?


Try some of these low-cost safety secrets. Keep in mind – the best security is one that you’ll USE!

179061993Check the lighting around your home, inside and out! Solar powered outdoor lights can add great accent lights to your yard and walkways. In doing so, these lights help eliminate hiding spots that burglars use to stay out of sight. Focus on putting these around windows or other entry points for the greatest effect.

Burglars will often scope out a home or neighborhood before they make any moves. A busy lot makes for a much more discouraging target, while a home with less activity may seem more “out of the way”. Regularly performing maintenance and keeping your property in good repair will help your home appear better maintained and stay busier. As a bonus, these actions help your home’s value!

Don’t forget the little things either. The little things can make a huge difference but are overlooked far too often!

  • Shred your mail to make your personal information less accessible.
  • Always lock your doors and windows, even when you are home.
  • Arm your security system in the appropriate mode when you are home and when you leave.

In addition, encourage your neighbors to do the same! Having “blanketed” security in the neighborhood discourages criminals. Statistically, homes that use security systems that are grouped together are three times less likely to be targeted!

All these little inexpensive measures, along with an extra dose of teamwork and common sense, work together to improve the security and peace of mind at your home!

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