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Secrets to a Happy Empty-Nest: Making the Most of “Me Time”

Secrets to a Happy Empty-Nest: Making the Most of “Me Time”

With more free time and less responsibilities, empty nesters are discovering interests both new and old. They are finding that there are many secrets that help them make the most of their new lifestyle. They only need to reach out and take advantage of the opportunities and open an exciting new chapter of life.

Although it should be obvious, having chores that seem to vanish  is often surprising. With less people in the home, there is less cleaning to do, less time spent nurturing and taking care of others. Parenting now takes a backseat role to spoiling grandchildren and enjoying the company of family. Free time seems to abound and it can be difficult to accept sometimes. Once you get started though it’s hard to stop – as you’ll come to see!

The easiest step is to take more time to enjoy your own hobbies. Whether it is spending more time fishing or on the lake, the important thing is that you are following your own direction. There is no indecision or arguing over the specifics of how you spend your time, just relaxation!

Go for a Sunday drive, an afternoon walk, or spend an entire evening at the spa. It’s all up to you. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find yourself spending more time in the gym or picking up a part time job if you just happen to miss that extra work!

Things that were once difficult to do, now happen without a hitch. So remember to take the time to travel . Finding a destination that caters to your interests is much easier than matching those of a whole family. Packing and travelling is no longer a hassle with only a handful of bags and a companion or two.

Dinner outings are also easier and have a fraction of the ticket you might be used to seeing. You can afford to splurge a little more or treat yourself to an extra treat every now and then! If you’re feeling particularly indulgent you might even find yourself exploring the travel itinerary of a cruise line – which is a great choice when you can’t decide and want it all!

With more time to explore and learn about the changing world, technology can work wonders in supporting your  new lifestyle. You can use it to check in at home, making sure the home is safe and sound for when you come back, stay on top of bills and utilities, and keep in touch with your family. Just take a look at the following:

Video calling – Use programs like Skype, Oovoo, or Google Hangout to chat with family with full video! See how your family and friends are growing and keep up with the times!

Smart phones – Today, smart phones have the same capabilities of most computers. You can use them to text, check email, browse the internet or as GPS navigation on the road.

Digital home security – With a smart security system you can arm and disarm your alarm remotely, view your home cameras, and manage your PIN and contacts – all from a computer or cell phone.

Online banking and bill payments – Most utilities and banks allow you to manage your account online from anywhere! Contact your provider and save yourself time!

Being smart and taking advantage of your time and tools at your disposal can revolutionize the way you live – freeing you to pursue what you wish. As you may soon find out, it’s easy, simple, and can be deeply rewarding!

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