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Best Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Best Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

450662615It’s not difficult to find things to be ‘thankful’ for on a day dedicated to food and rest. I can’t think of a person I know that doesn’t want to eat and sleep all day! There are of course some things that need to be done in order to achieve the goal. The traditional Thanksgiving meal isn’t just thrown together and ready in an hour. Most people will start preparing at least a day in advance. It’s during this time of preparation that safety planning and implementation can be done to make sure Thanksgiving Day gets pulled off without a hitch. Firefighters say the greatest number of cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day. I’m not surprised; I can imagine that many people who are not used to cooking will give it a try on Turkey Day. Here are some safety tips for you to use.

  • Have a plan to use your equipment when you are present. Unattended equipment is responsible for 34% of all cooking fires!
  • Read the instructions on the products you are using. 9% of fires are caused by product misuse.
  • Have a designated area for flammable products such as towels and dish cloths. These are responsible for 10% of fires when they are left too close to heat sources.
  • Have a container ready for discarded materials. Believe it or not, these are responsible for 11% of cooking fires. Wipe the stove down before sitting down to dinner and don’t forget to check the oven.
  • Enlist the help of family and friends to make sure the cooking equipment is off while you are trying to get the food on the table. Forgetting to turn off equipment is responsible for 8% of all fires.
  • 28% of fires are caused by other things. By having a plan and keeping people involved when they arrive, you can tremendously reduce your risk of an unwanted fire on Turkey Day.

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