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Safety Latches and Baby Safety Tips

Safety Latches and Baby Safety Tips

200283557-001Can you believe how many good cleaning products are out on the market today? You can kill 99% of any germ out there if you buy the right product! Bugs don’t stand a chance with all the sprays and powders you can buy to kill them either. We can all live in a germ/bug free environment if we choose. The problem is the chemicals we use to kill germs and bugs can also harm us! This especially becomes a concern when we have small children.

As adults, we know not to ingest these substances; however, children don’t know about the hazards in our houses. They are curious about their world and the things in them. Most young children in the early developmental years explore their world through taste, so everything goes in their mouth, including hazardous substances if they can get to them.

One of the easiest ways to get around this is to install safety latches on cabinet doors. Babies and toddlers can pull on the doors, but the latch prevents them from getting in and getting the stuff inside. But it doesn’t stop there; you can also get safety latches for doors, windows, drawers, sliding doors, door handles and gates!

Buying safety latches is easy because of all the different types to choose from. The good news is you can buy them almost anywhere. I’ve seen safety latches for sale in the grocery store, discount retailers, hardware stores and baby stores. They are readily available to the consumer. 166671251

Installing baby latches can be as simple as using a screwdriver. Typically there is a brief description of how to install the latches on the back of the packaging. This allows for the buyer to make sure they are able to correctly install the latch before purchase. If you find you’re not even the least bit handy, a call to a handy man can get those safety latches on in no time. It’s a good idea to have them up long before the baby starts crawling- that way, no surprises or worries when he starts moving around!

Don’t forget to leave one cabinet open with some fun plastic bowls and lids. A small pot with a wooden spoon would be a great surprise for little hands. They’ll feel like they found hidden treasures!

Here are a few more safety tips that will help keep your home and young children safe!









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    Here are a few safety tips that will help keep your home and young children safe! #BabySafetyMonth #SafetyTips

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