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Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids

Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids

Today we are highlighting Melanie Alansalon, Monitoring Representative in Manasquan. Lynn Kilfeather, Monitoring Manager and Melanie’s supervisor, shot us an e-mail that explained the event Melanie participated in and how Melanie got involved. You can read the e-mail below:

Melanie Alansalon participated in Walk for a Difference 2013, an event to support autism awareness, sponsored by the POAC organization (Parents of Autistic Children), on April 28, 2013. Melanie’s daughter was identified as autistic when she was 2 months old. Now, at 6 years old, she participates in these events with her mom to raise money for autism education and awareness. “She has trouble communicating and doesn’t really understand what is going on around her,” Melanie said of her daughter. “But she has her way of communicating to others and we just have to try our best to understand. Melanie was sure to stress that “Autism is not a disease. Don’t try to cure it, try to understand it.”


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