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Recognizing Administrative Professional Excellence

Recognizing Administrative Professional Excellence

As you know from the 5 Questions with… some of our P1 admin team members, we are all about celebrating Administrative Professionals Day today. We’ve got over 200 administrative professionals with titles like branch administrator, service coordinator, executive administrator, and sales coordinator, just to name a few. Since I couldn’t do a “5 Questions with…” blog post with every single one of them, I asked P1 general managers and senior leaders to give some shout outs. One of my favorite responses came from Kevin Lloyd, our general manager in Pleasanton. He said, “What makes our admins great? Everything!”

Here’s what some of our other leaders had to say:

Memphis General Manager Steve Wall on Kelley Walker, branch administrator:

Kelley just recently celebrated her 13th year with Protection 1. She has been a big help in helping me find information and where I need to look since I came onboard with Protection 1 in March. Kelley is a major contributor in the function of our branch. She stays late if necessary and a huge support to the Sales Team in Memphis.

Regional Vice President Jim Metz on Michele Barr, executive assistant:

Michele just cares and has the passion to over exceed any expectation!  She is there for anyone in the company and takes great gratification when another person has been helped!

Members of the Seattle team gather for their 2015 kickoff meeting earlier this year.

Members of the Seattle team gather for their 2015 kickoff meeting earlier this year.

Seattle District Manager Don Robert on Trace Ostrem, sales coordinator:

Trace is a newer team member, yet has adapted to the P1 way nicely. She coordinates our sales and installs with professionalism and a pleasant caring way!

Las Vegas General Manager Andy Speropoulos on his admin team, Joyce Partridge (service coordinator), Adam Van Orman (branch administrator), and Lorena Bailey (sales coordinator):

Adam was out for an entire month and the branch didn’t miss a beat during his absence. Before he left, he sat with Joyce and Lorena and laid out a game plan and they followed it to perfection. Joyce Partridge and Lorena Bailey deserve major kudos for backing up a veteran Branch Admin for an entire month the way they did and I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

Regional Vice President Jim Metz on Stacey Bitting, executive assistant:

Stacey cares so much and really takes pride in seeing others succeed! I enjoy every conversation with her because she makes me feel good by time the call is over. No matter what the topic is!

Long Island General Manager Paul Marek on Kim Larsen, branch administrator, and Michelle Barr, executive assistant:

Jen Casas, Renata Iwanicka, Amy Zitkovic, Kevin Williams, and Michele Barr volunteered at Loaves and Fishes for the first All For 1 Day

Jen Casas, Renata Iwanicka, Amy Zitkovic, Kevin Williams, and Michele Barr volunteered at Loaves and Fishes for the first All For 1 Day

I would like to recognize Michele Barr and Kim Larsen on this special day. Both these professional ladies have supported me since I came to the P1 family in 9/2014. They have both showed exceptional responsiveness to my training needs as well as helping me navigate thru the P1 team. With all the responsibilities and other individuals that they are both supporting, they have showed me the individualized attention that is helping me to succeed. I thank them both for the professionalism and caring.

Portland, Oregon General Manager Shane Hyland on Emily Lehr, installation/sales coordinator:

Emily is the backbone of the team and a vital part of every aspect of what we do. On any given day, she is simultaneously coordinating installs, lining up subs, getting sales appointments out to the reps, ordering parts, and keeping everyone on their toes. She’s brilliant with customers and everyone here agrees there are few people that impact the branch as much as Emily; she is by far our MVP.

Seattle General Manager Don Robert on Richard Sherman, inventory coordinator:

Richard is our warehouse coordinator and is always Johnny on the spot when it comes to ordering and tracking the packages we need most!

Regional Vice President Jim Metz on Yvonne Eich, executive assistant:

I appreciate the detail and efficiency that Yvonne brings to our company!  She is always here to help and she does with a smile.

Houston 14

Paul Ramos (far right) and some of his Houston teammates participated in All For 1 Day last year by volunteering at Goodwill

Houston District Manager Kirk Love on Paul Ramos, branch administrator:

Just to share one story, while the Houston office was short a sales / service coordinator(s), Mr. Ramos stepped up to the challenge.  Not only was he doing his daily tasks, he was helping to pick up a lot of the other pieces as well such as scheduling installs, billing, scheduling service calls, answering the phones, etc.  If anyone needs anything in our branch, Paul is always the go to person. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will not stop there, he will go and find the resolution.  I truly feel that we all put in a lot of time, but I see firsthand that Paul takes it to another level.

Seattle General Manager Don Robert on Jeanie Somonski, service coordinator:

Jeanie is the Queen of Service! She is constantly on the phone helping and directing the techs through their hectic days!

Oklahoma City General Manager Steve Russell, complimenting the Wichita branch’s admin team of Michelle Day (branch administrator), Tammy Lipps (sales coordinator) and Craig Truitt (service/inventory coordinator):

Michelle, Tammy, and Craig have worked together to stay on top of the branch business and keep Wichita within the Top Branches. This is a great example of Teamwork and taking ownership of the branch’s success.   

Dallas District Manager Chris Brooks on his admin team of Susanne Chlebik (branch administrator), Vonne McMorris (sales coordinator) and Marisela Garcia (service coordinator):

Dallas is blessed to have three of the best Admin Professionals in the business!  Susanne, Vonne, and Marisela keep the office moving. They played a major role in moving Dallas up the ranks within P1. No three members of the Dallas team have more of a daily impact on our success than these professionals. Whether its scheduling our 1,400+ service calls, scheduling the over 300 installations, handling complex billing questions, or providing exceptional service, all three do all of these things with a smile and a commitment our great product.  Thank you for all of this and so much more!

Once again, I’d like to thank all of the awesome admins we have at Protection 1 – thank you for all of your hard work, for creating fun within your offices, and for being great representatives of Protection 1. If you have an admin that you would like to give a shout out to, leave a comment below!

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  1. We couldn’t interview everyone, but @ProtectionOne leaders still recognized their admin teams. Happy #AdminProfDay!

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