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Post Purchase Dissonance

Post Purchase Dissonance

Even before I was teaching seminars on couponing, I was always shopping for deals. I’m sure some of that desire stems from my degree in retail merchandising, but really, who doesn’t love to save money?


There are still times that I don’t do my homework and make bad purchasing decisions. Sometimes I’m swamped with running the kids around or have overstretched my commitments and am unable to put the time in to getting the best deal. I think it happens to everyone. ‘Post purchase dissonance’ is the actual phrase used to describe the unhappiness we feel after we’ve executed that bad purchasing decision. Who knew there was a term for it?

security systemDespite the fact that we’ve all been there, we can at least relax about one purchase – Protection 1 Home Security. We offer security systems for home and business and are the nation’s largest full service security company offering mobile monitoring options that keep you connected wherever you are. You can get everything from cameras to smoke detectors to carbon monoxide detectors – as little or as many as you want. Our choices are endless and their security packages have options for everyone’s budget.

These are just a few of the many great choices available to you from Protection 1 security. Put that ‘post purchase dissonance’ to rest with your home security purchase from Protection 1!

About Eve Baker

Eve Baker keeps busy with her social media work at Protection 1 as well as her many interests in saving money. She has published ‘Couponing Made Easy’ and gives free seminars on how to effectively coupon in Wichita and the surrounding communities. She is dedicated to helping families’ improve their quality of life through saving money and making sound financial decisions in regards to running a household.

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