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You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

168372865I love to shop…in fact, my undergrad is in retail merchandising which, in my mind, makes me a professional shopper! No shopping venue is off limits. I like high end department stores, discount retailers and flea markets just as much as online auctions. A deal is a deal. So when I came across “Security Signs” for sale online, I had to take a peek out of sheer interest. At first glance, these signs looked professional, but clearly lacked any brand association. If I can find these fake security signs online, individuals in the profession of breaking and entering can also find them.

p1-logos-word_colorWhy wouldn’t thieves educate themselves on home protection? After all, robbing and thieving is a way of life and it seems perfectly reasonable that a professional thief would know what signs mean ‘I paid for these fake signs online’ vs. ‘Protection 1 is calling the police the moment you break in and enter’. So while the initial idea of scaring a criminal into not entering your house with a fake sign seems like a good idea, in reality, it is not a good deal. In order to protect yourselves from thieves, you need something more than a sign; you need a home monitoring system from Protection 1. You actually do get what you pay for!

About Eve Baker

Eve Baker keeps busy with her social media work at Protection 1 as well as her many interests in saving money. She has published ‘Couponing Made Easy’ and gives free seminars on how to effectively coupon in Wichita and the surrounding communities. She is dedicated to helping families’ improve their quality of life through saving money and making sound financial decisions in regards to running a household.

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