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National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

Let’s face it – puppies are amazing!

They’re man’s best friend in their smallest and most adorable form and they need – no they DESERVE – a day all to their own! As cute and as cuddly as puppies are, they give back to us in so many ways:

  • They help us stay active during playtime and walks.
  • They build our bodies’ resistances to allergens.
  • They improve our moods and lower our blood pressure by being the best and most huggable friends ever!
  • They give us unconditional love. Yes, it’s definitely true. Trust us.
  • They protect us in little, surprising ways. There are reports of puppies saving their owners from fires, seizures, and cancer. – Yes, cancer!
  • They help us be amazing people! Dog owners are reported to have higher self-esteem, positivity, and experience less fear!

So give back and surprise your puppy with a treat and some extra love today. Or if you don’t have a puppy, save one from your local shelter. You’ll gain a best friend and the unconditional love of a tiny little critter! Spread the love and share National Puppy Day with a friend!

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