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National Pet Month Graphics to Share

National Pet Month Graphics to Share

May is National Pet Month and we’ve got quite a few images showcasing our furry little friends. Protection 1 LOVES protecting your pets so much that we have created 10 pet safety tip graphics. These images were designed so that you could share them with your friends and family on your social media network of choice. Everyone loves making their pets happy and knowing they are safe and sound!

We have made our images even easier to share! All you have to do is click on one below and then either leave a Facebook comment on it, or share it to any social media network – all while never leaving our blog!

We would also LOVE to see the pets we protect so make sure to check out our National Pet Month Photo Contest and learn how you could win a Protection 1 Pet Swag Bag, a $150 VISA gift card AND choose an animal shelter for Protection 1 to donate an additional $150 to in your name.

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Stacie is a Marketing Manager at Protection 1 and has been in the security industry for 12 years. She manages Protection 1's Blog, Social Media and Internal Marketing Communications. Stacie keeps up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies and has experience in all aspects of the security industry.

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