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Love Your Pet Day – Win a Chromebook!

Love Your Pet Day – Win a Chromebook!

In honor of Love Your Pet Day, we are giving away a Chromebook! Protection 1 shares your love for pets and protecting them! We enjoy sharing tips on how to protect them on our Facebook page and decided we would love to see pictures of your pets.

How can I win?

Email us your pet picture and don’t forget to tell us your and your pet’s name! We will accept entries for the next 7 days. On 2/27 we will post all of your pictures on our Facebook page and then the fun begins. Encourage your friends and family to “like” your pet picture! The photo with the most likes on 3/15 will receive a brand new Google Chromebook!

Let us in the comments below if you want to see more giveaways this year!


About Stacie Dauffenbach

Stacie is a Marketing Manager at Protection 1 and has been in the security industry for 12 years. She manages Protection 1's Blog, Social Media and Internal Marketing Communications. Stacie keeps up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies and has experience in all aspects of the security industry.


  1. Avatar

    I do, but when it is a public voting it is no fair. People cheat and pay for votes. I would enjoy random or for the company to judge the winner.

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      Stacie Dauffenbach

      Thanks for your feedback! We had a few people ask for a Facebook contest. Next month we will do another random type of giveaway…maybe hosted on our new blog! 🙂

      Thanks again!

  2. Avatar

    I agree with “B” – I cannot participate because I do not have a Facebook account and will not create one.

  3. Avatar

    Just sent you my photo of my puppies but also agree that I would rather have it be randomly selected or chosen by you to win as voting is never fair as people have groups they exchange votes in or pay for votes. I love my puppies so I submitted but will be really looking forward to the next random contest. 🙂

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