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“Get to Know My Child” Form Download

“Get to Know My Child” Form Download

With a new school year comes new teachers, new friends, and new routines for students to get into! Teachers are great at getting to know their students throughout the year, but it’s easy to worry about your children during the first few weeks of school. These worries can be especially upsetting if you’re concerned about allergies or other issues that teachers should be aware of.

Protection 1 knows you will do everything you can to make sure the school year starts as smoothly as possible, and we want to help make the transition easy. That’s why we’ve developed a downloadable form to serve as a “cheat sheet” for your child’s teacher. Just fill out the form, which includes information about allergies, your child’s strengths, ways a teacher can best help your child, and more. After the form is complete, give it to your child’s teacher. Less stress for you, and more knowledge for him or her!

The form is available below for download or for sharing on social media. For more information and tips on how to have a safe and fun transition back to school, follow us on your favorite social media channel and watch for our posts! What methods do you use to introduce your children to their teachers? Tell us in the comments!

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    Make sure the school year starts out smooth. Here’s a “cheat sheet” for your child’s teacher. #back2school

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