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"Who is that at my front door?"

"Who is that at my front door?"

You hear a knock at the door and hurry to answer. The man says “Give  me 10 minutes, I can show you why our product is superior to what you’re using or considering.” Or, “You’re currently using that company? Yes, I’ve heard about their products…but…I guess if you want a low quality system that’s up to you…”

These solicitors might even claim to be from your security company and say they are there to upgrade or replace your current system. But once inside the home, they may install a new system and have you sign papers which include a costly contract for a new monitoring service.

They may also tell you your current security company has gone out of business and that they are taking over the accounts. If you hear this, call your current monitoring company to confirm. Any reputable alarm company would notify you of a change like this by mail or telephone.

Looking for a new system or an upgrade to your existing system? Call Protection 1 to ensure you are dealing with a professional organization that is not out to defraud you and your neighbors for a quick buck.

Protection 1 offers residential, commercial and national account solutions, for pricing and packages, go to or call 877-PRO1-911.

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When deciding between home security companies, who you choose matters. Protection 1 is the nation’s largest full service security company, protecting residential, business, national account and integrated system customers at millions of locations.

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