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What You Didn’t Know About Severe Weather Survival

What You Didn’t Know About Severe Weather Survival

The sky starts to darken. Clouds are moving faster. Thunder begins to rumble and soon lightning is streaking across the sky.

Severe weather is an all too common—and sometimes frightening—occurrence. For some it can mean loss of power for hours on end and a yard strewn with downed tree limbs and property damage the morning after.

Did you know that with the help of Protection 1, if your home loses power you can still be protected with a backup battery? The battery has a lifespan of 10 years and lets homeowners know when they need to be replaced. Protection 1 also offers cellular backup. Homeowners can rely on digital wireless home security technology to send alarm signals when landlines are disabled.

There are other things homeowners can do to stay safe when severe weather is in the forecast:

  1. Remove dead or decaying branches from any trees on the property that may fall on or near the home or driveway
  2. Put items that can become flying debris during heavy winds inside the house and garage
  3. Assemble a family disaster kit containing a flashlight, three gallons of drinking water for each person, three days of non-perishable food for each person and pet and a first aid kit at the minimum.

Keep abreast of the weather by signing up for alerts through The Weather Channel or the local news station where available.

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