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Home Security Scams – Be Informed!

Home Security Scams – Be Informed!

Summer is a time of year when home security sales agents are out in full force, sometimes using misleading sales tactics. They often hit hard with limited time offers, scare tactics and even flat out lies. They may even pretend to be a representative of Protection 1 offering to “upgrade your system”, when what they’ll really end up doing is signing you up with a completely different company.

We recognize that you have choices when it comes to your home security and we appreciate that you made an informed choice with Protection 1. As our customer, your security needs are served by a company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and we’ve been protecting homes and businesses for more than 25 years. Even if you look at the other options, continue to make informed decisions and now the facts first.

Avoid the high-pressure and deceptive sales tactics by familiarizing yourself with the warning sings listed below. And if you’ve fallen prey to what you think might be a scam, remember you still have options!

Limited Time Offers

You need to sign today for FREE equipment.

Scam Alert


Scare Tactics

There has been a rash of burglaries in this neighborhood.

Scam Alert



I’m with the Alarm Company and am here to upgrade your system for FREE.

Scam Alert


Flat Out Lies

We’ve acquired your security company and I’m here to upgrade you.

Scam Alert


Most importantly, do not sign anything! Protection 1 employees will always be wearing a Protection 1 shirt and identification badge. Call us at 877-PRO1-911, and we will verify the authenticity of any Protection 1 employee.

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Stacie is a Marketing Manager at Protection 1 and has been in the security industry for 12 years. She manages Protection 1's Blog, Social Media and Internal Marketing Communications. Stacie keeps up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies and has experience in all aspects of the security industry.

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