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A Look Into the History of Home Security

A Look Into the History of Home Security

With modern alarm systems, if a burglar makes way into your home or business a motion detector can be used to alert you and your monitoring center of the intrusion. This is what we now refer to as an “interior” alarm. Although this is a modern invention, criminal influences have been around since the dawn of mankind. This begs the question, “How were people alerted to intruders in the past?”

Picture of Nightingale Floors CC BY Chris Gladis

An example of an ancient “motion detector” was invented in Feudal Japan in the 17th century. This system was given the name Uguisu-Bari, which roughly translates to “a floor which sounds like a Nightingale”. This was a way of defending the castles of feudal lords from ninjas and opposing samurai. These floors were specifically designed to make a chirping sound when pressure was applied. What differentiates these from a traditional “squeaky” floorboard is that when pressure was applied, the flooring nails would rub against a metal clip creating a distinct chirping sound. This specific sound would then alert the inhabitants of an intruder.

This same system was used by samurai in their own homes, but with a slight twist. They would configure the boards in a particular way so that those who were permitted to be there would know to walk on the boards in a specific pattern. By doing this they would create a series of sounds that would let others know that this was not an intruder, but rather a friend.

Thankfully the security industry has progressed leaps and bounds in the last four centuries. So there is no need to have squeaky floorboards anymore. We offer many intrusion detector options for your home or business.

With products like window and door alarms, motion alarms, and medical alarms, homeowners can leave their home knowing that it’s well protected. You can relax with peace of mind while we monitor your home or place of business for burglars, or even ninjas.

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