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How To Keep Your Home Organized

How To Keep Your Home Organized

These days we are all very busy and life moves at a pretty fast pace. If you let your house get out of control (which can happen quickly), it will become an overwhelming task to get it back into shape. It does not take much time to keep your home organized if you do a little every day. Follow these 10 steps and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your home organized and clean:

200370210-0011.     Make your bed every day.

Make this a daily chore for you and your children. It takes less than 5 minutes, makes your home neater, and teaches kids responsibility.

2.     Wipe down the bathroom every morning.

Clean off the counter putting away all personal items. Wipe off the counter and sink cleaning up water, make up, toothpaste, and hair etc. Quickly spray the shower with a daily cleaner. This keeps your bathroom spruced up until your weekly cleaning.

3.     One load of laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away daily.

Clothes can pile up quickly. If you do a load a day and take the time to put them away, it makes for less work over the weekend.

4.     stk98833corLoad the dishwasher after each meal.

As soon as meals are over, clean up the dishes. Don’t let dishes sit in the sink as it makes for more work later.

5.     Keep kitchen counters free of clutter.

Clean as you cook so there’s not a huge mess to clean up after mealtime.

6.     Clean up living areas before going to bed each night.

Make this a family chore. Put everything away where it belongs. This will keep the house neat and tidy.

4698197977.     Schedule homework time

Activities may not permit strict schedules, but try to keep things consistent. Turn off the TV and eliminate any other distractions, so your child(ren) can focus. You can have the kids sit at the table while you’re cleaning up after dinner. This allows you to spend time together and be readily available for questions.

8.     Set out clothes the night before.

The morning rush will be easier if both your clothes and your kids’ clothes are picked out the night before. Set out everything down to socks, shoes, and accessories.

9.     Have a bedtime routine.

Tell kids what you expect when they’re told, “it’s bedtime.” This should include bathing, brushing teeth, dirty clothes placed in hamper, putting on pajamas, and setting out clothing for the next day.

10.     Plan for tomorrow.

Make a list of chores, appointments, and errands that need to be run. Figure out what you will be cooking for meals the next day.


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