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Home Office – Taking Care Of Business

Home Office – Taking Care Of Business

Mother and baby in home office with laptopWorking from home can be amazing because of the simple perks: You can be closer to your children, your comfy home, your lovable pets, and all the things that bring warmth to your life. Whether it’s a benefit of self-employment or a telecommute, studies show that often, those that work from home are more efficient because of increased job satisfaction and the lack of a particularly long or frustrating work commute.

Those are the benefits, but there are also hazards and extra precautions that should be taken depending on how you have your telecommute set up.

If you’re a small business owner, be extra careful and studious in your security measures. Lock up all of your clients’ information. Data files, paperwork, and sensitive information should be backed up, password protected, and encrypted – with all physical items and office valuables being locked up, out of sight, preferably in a fireproof safe.

For employees who connect to the office remotely, ensure all company materials & client information is kept closed and secured. Review your company’s IT policies and data breach procedures to stay educated in the event of a loss.

Thief stealing laptop from the carCommon sense is especially important! Don’t leave materials in your car – locked or unlocked, a car is just easier to break into. Mid-travel, you might usually keep things in a bag for quicker transportation. However, consider the other side of things – a bag is quicker to snatch as well. Play it safe and keep it in a safe location or on your person at all times.

To keep your home office more secure, take the extra step in configuring your security system. Choose a low traffic area for your office or study, and use a motion activated camera or a door contact to help the area stay secure. If this is configured properly, it allows you to be able to receive mobile or SMS alerts when this area is accessed with a video record of each occurrence.

Taking the extra step to secure your home office will make your home, your clients and your family more prepared for whatever life throws at it. Plus, it just helps to  keep your life more stable and worry free so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of working closer to home!

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