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Halloween Word Search FUN

Halloween Word Search FUN

78778884Remember sitting and doing word search puzzles as a kid? I can remember buying the word search puzzle game books off the drugstore magazine rack and spending hours circling the words. Sometimes they would be found quickly, other times it would take a long time as I tried to find it backwards, horizontally, top or bottom. They were great at banishing boredom!

Who knew that they were teaching me painless spelling skills? Did I even care that pattern recognition was part of my enjoyment? If I knew I was improving my vocabulary and language skills while working the word search, would I still have done it? Heck yeah! The hunting and pecking had immediate problem solving rewards which I still enjoy today when I do word searches.

Protection 1 has provided a new printable word search for you and your kids to enjoy. Download it today and turn it into a family affair by working the puzzle together. Let the kids tell you how they found the words and how they knew where to look. The kids will not only enjoy the educational benefits of the word search, they’ll enjoy teaching and sharing with their parents too!


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