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Quick Tips for A Safe Halloween

Quick Tips for A Safe Halloween

Protecting your children from the dangers of Halloween will help make the most of this exciting holiday.

As we all know, Halloween is full of fun and treats: trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, and having a scary amount of fun, and children often forget to exercise caution during the excitement.

But as parents, we can save the day and help everyone enjoy the holiday with the following tips.

Make sure props are safe. Props should be small enough to handle easily, and be made of materials that are soft and dull. Sharp, rigid props are more likely to result in injury. Above everything else, make sure the items you give to your children are age appropriate so they can manage them better.

Use reflective tape in your costumes: Trick or treating usually starts right around when the sun is setting. Make sure that your children are safe from traffic and visible to drivers. Dress them in light colors or include reflective tape in their costumes to make them more visible.

Make sure it fits! Avoid masks and clothing that doesn’t fit! It impedes your child’s vision, increasing the risk of injury. Costumes that are too big can make it easier to trip and fall. Instead, try applying toxin-free make-up which allows for clear vision and safety and shortening oversized garments.

See and be seen! Give your children a flashlight to carry and to aid their visibility in traffic and help them see better and make it easier for your to keep an eye on them.

Supervise! Always ensure trick-or-treaters have adequate supervision. Don’t be afraid to go with them, the ghost and ghouls are just for show, they’re not real.

Watch out for motorists: These are simple. Walk, don’t run; Look both ways before crossing streets. Walk on sidewalks not the street and don’t take rides from strangers. These prevent motorist accidents and help your child stay out of harms way.

Watch where you’re going! Don’t enter homes or go to dark houses, your children are safest while you can see them. Stay away from lit candles, which could catch their costumes on fire.

Is it safe to eat? Remind your children that they should avoid treats that are unwrapped or look suspicious. Look them over to remove any unscrupulous items that look tampered with or homemade goodies made by strangers.

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