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Halloween Really is Frightful! [Free Download]

Halloween Really is Frightful! [Free Download]

Especially for parents of young kids. It all starts with the Jack-O-Lantern, and then the candle. I never felt comfortable with candles and fires in my home when my kids were little. They were always so curious about fire and wanted to see it up close. Their hair would fall forward as they leaned over the flame and the fears would start flooding my consciousness. It was hard to explain to them how much fire would hurt them if they weren’t careful. They just didn’t have enough life experiences to put the talk into perspective. My best defense was to avoid candles and use the fireplace as little as possible.

Unfortunately, fire is a little more unavoidable during Halloween. Those carved pumpkins aren’t much fun at night without their faces glowing bright. We’ve put together some fire safety tips for your family this Halloween to ease your fire concerns during this spooky season:

1319199861. Did you know decorations start over 1,000 home fires each year? Dried cornstalks, flowers and crepe paper are highly flammable. Take special care to keep these decorations well away from flames and direct contact with holiday lights and light bulbs.

2. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your home has at least 2 exits that aren’t blocked by decorations or other objects. You’ll need to access them quickly in case you have to leave in an emergency.

3. Today we have access to battery operated candles which greatly reduces the risk of fire. If you should decide to use real candles, make sure they are at least one foot away from any flammable object and out of reach of small curious hands.

4. Don’t leave a candle burning in a room unattended. If you need to leave the room, take a second to blow the candle out.

5. Under no circumstance should you ever leave a child alone in a room with a burning candle!

4610612696. Keep candles and torches out of the paths of trick or treaters. Their main goal is to get to the candy as quickly as possible; they won’t be thinking about fire safety.

7. Flashlights and battery operated lights can be used in Jack-O-Lanterns instead of candles to keep fire risk down.

8. Buying costumes that are flame retardant are paramount for fire safety.

9. Review stop, drop and roll procedures with your child in case they do come into contact with a flame.

Following simple fire preventive tips like those above can help to alleviate the anxiety of fire risk for you and your family this Halloween!


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