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A Can of Goodness

A Can of Goodness

February is Canned Food Month. What a great time to donate canned foods to your local food bank. Interestingly, this is the time of year when canned food donations slow down at food shelters. You can collect these important items to help out your community while taking part in canned food awareness!

  •                 Canned tuna, chicken, meats, stews and peanut butter
  •                 Canned vegetables, tomatoes, tomato sauces
  •                 Juice cans and juice boxes
  •                 Soups with meat or beans
  •                 Cereal and cereal bars
  •                 Pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles
  •                 Packages of dry beans
  •                 Canned fruits    
  •                 Canned baby formula
  •                 Canned baby foods

Call your local food bank and find out when you can drop your food items off. Celebrate Canned Food Month with giving, and you’ll positively impact the lives of those less fortunate in your community!

About Eve Baker

Eve Baker keeps busy with her social media work at Protection 1 as well as her many interests in saving money. She has published ‘Couponing Made Easy’ and gives free seminars on how to effectively coupon in Wichita and the surrounding communities. She is dedicated to helping families’ improve their quality of life through saving money and making sound financial decisions in regards to running a household.

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