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Fruits, Veggies and P1

Fruits, Veggies and P1

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month! I know that doesn’t seem like a topic related to electronic security, but it does have to do with our employees. I’ve very briefly mentioned our employee wellness program and blog before, but in honor of this month, I’m going into more detail. We have an employee-only blog that highlights everything about P1 outside of work. We mainly focus on three areas of overall wellness: fitness, nutrition and mind/spirit. Our blog offers our employees various resources such as links to articles about health-related topics, our employee Pinterest page for “pinspiration” on recipes, workouts, motivational quotes and upcoming 5ks that visit more than one city. We also highlight our employees who are working on, or have accomplished, a wellness-related goal. We call these folks P1-ders -pronounced P Wonders (has anyone out there seen That Thing You Do?).

Additionally, we offer three monthly “challenges” for the employees to take on and enter into a random drawing at the end of the month for a bigger prize. Prizes this year have included gift cards to sporting goods-related stores, a FitBit and an iPod with iTunes gift card. This month, we’re working on the following challenges:

1. Fitness Challenge: Incorporate walking into your daily routine. This could be as simple as taking a walk around your building at lunch or walking your dog around the block after work to finding a trail nearby and going for a hike. The complexity is up to the individual, as we try to make this wellness program applicable to employees of all fitness levels.

2. Mind/Spirit Challenge: Participate in the Protection 1 All For 1 Day on June 22nd (more on that in a future post).

3. Nutrition Challenge: Visit a local farmers’ market at least once.

The Nutrition Challenge is where Fruit and Vegetable Month comes into play. Farmers’ markets are a great place to get local fruits and veggies – super fresh, delicious and usually at a great price. They’re typically held on the weekends during warm weather months and with a little meal planning, you can stock up on your weekly dose of fruits and vegetables for all of your meals! Not sure where to find one? One website I found that is helpful is Local Harvest.

Also, in case you were wondering, this month’s drawing is for a Camelbak water pack and an REI gift card. We’re not sponsored by either company; we just like what they have to offer and wanted to share with our P1 Family.

Are you getting outside to enjoy the summer months? Do you have your own challenges? Feel free to borrow ours – I’ll update these each month so that you can follow along. However, the drawings each month are for P1 employees only, so if you’re interested in those, check out our hiring website!

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Kelli manages all things communication and culture-related at Protection 1. She is constantly looking for ways to keep employees engaged outside of their daily routines while sharing the truck load of awesome that is the P1 Story to the rest of the world.

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