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Firework Safety Graphics

Firework Safety Graphics

Fireworks are one of the most highly anticipated parts of Independence Day celebrations. The gorgeous displays they create and the time spent watching with family and friends are certainly things to look forward to. Fireworks have their risks, but if you know how to act safely around them, it’s easy to make sure your 4th of July celebration is nothing but joyful.

We at Protection 1 want to make sure you know how to be safe around fireworks, so we have put together firework safety tips in two downloadable graphics. Read the tips, and add tips of your own in the comments – we want to know how you remain safe around fireworks!

 Both graphics are available below. Download them, or share them on your favorite social media site right from this page. For more tips and graphics like these, follow us on any social media channel and look for our posts!

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Courtney is a social media intern at Protection 1. She has been learning about and contributing to Protection 1’s marketing and social media for a year, and has over two years of marketing, public relations, and social media experience. Courtney is currently pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at Purdue University, where she manages social media for the College of Engineering.

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