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February 2014 Calendar Download

February 2014 Calendar Download

This month, Protection 1 is celebrating “Safety Secrets for the Home” month! With only 28 days (in non-leap years), February is the shortest month of the year, and it’s already here. It’s time to make your preparations in advance for Valentine’s Day for your special someone… order flowers, make dinner reservations and then schedule a sitter!

Valentine’s Day is particularly important because it focuses on promoting the relationships and love in your life. Take this time to show your friends and family how special they are to you. Share some chocolates between sisters, a bouquet with your parents, or a warm movie slumber party night with your children.

Sharing these special moments reinforces your personal support system. This not only benefits the people around you, but it reduces the effects of stressors in your life and home. Having a strong social support network boosts your immune system and improves your cardiovascular health! How’s that for a fun safety secret?

February 2014 Calendar Download 

 February Calendar Download

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