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Save Energy In Cool Weather

Save Energy In Cool Weather

It’s getting cold outside and heating your home during the cooler months is one of the most costly utilities of the year. We’ve put together some of the best cost saving ideas so you can save energy and money by making simple changes around your home.

Some of the biggest items to consider when looking for areas to be more efficient are replacing old fixtures and appliances with ENERGY STAR rated products, which generally use anywhere from 10%-30% less electricity than their non-compliant counterparts.

You should also take advantage of your Protection 1 home automation system. Control your door locks, lights and thermostat remotely over the internet. This will allow you to make sure lights are off when they’re not in use, and your heater isn’t working hard while no one is home. Optimizing the times that your heating system is on is estimated to save you 10% on your energy bill through the winter.

Another huge cost savings measure that is often overlooked is getting rid of traditional light bulbs. Transitioning from traditional light bulbs to compact florescent lights or even newer LED products can reduce your energy consumption of lighting your home by 75%! LED bulbs can last as long as 10 years, which also reduced the amount of harmful waste that accumulates when people throw away incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Be careful for devices that sap electricity in standby mode as well. Whenever possible, switch these non-essential items off completely, and look for other seldom-used items that you can completely unplug or shut off when not in use. Some unexpected culprits here are cell phone chargers. If you leave them plugged in to the wall, they often continue to draw electricity even when they’re not connected to your phone.

so-called “passive solar” ideas as well. During the day, open the curtains to your windows to allow the direct sunlight to add heat to your home. At night, closing the curtains adds extra insulation to prevent the heat from escaping. Wearing warm clothes and using extra blankets to keep the thermostat lower helps your heater work less. To improve the heat efficiency of the air circulation, reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to push the rising heat back into the air circulation of the room.

Following the advice of these tips will help you save heat, money, and the environment! If you have heat saving tips that we missed, drop us a comment below!

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