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468408011I was reading an article the other day about the human body. It said humans are about 65% water depending on age, sex and other factors. For example, adult women tend to have more fat than men and fat has less water than lean muscle, so women have an average of 55% total body water. I suppose that’s probably true; however I’m still convinced my body is made up of 55% real butter!

Well, either way I’ve decided it’s time to incorporate more water in my diet. I’m not a fan of drinking water so this isn’t going to be easy. My first love is a cup of coffee in the morning, but now I’m reaching for a glass of water that I put next to the bed the night before. After I finish those 8 ounces, I head to the coffee pot. But I’ve just increased my water intake without even having to try!

454166557Did you know that being well hydrated fights chronic fatigue and insomnia? I didn’t know either, so now I have more incentive to drink more water! Although all beverages contain water, we shouldn’t be tempted to drink 9 Cokes and call it good. I’m trading in one cup of coffee and one soda for a glass of water each. That gives me 2 more glasses than I normally drank before.

462137455Water helps our kidneys flush toxins out of our bodies. But did you know that it aids in bowel function as well? Water keeps things moving in the gastrointestinal track and prevents constipation. That’s just another great reason to drink more water. Young children can especially benefit from this if they are having troubles in the bathroom! Slipping in a cool afternoon glass of water with a spritz of lemon juice can be a refreshing treat for anyone, and it will stave off hunger. That will add another glass to your normal routine.

The benefits of water on the skin are also very important. By drinking proper amounts of water, we can keep our skin hydrated and healthy looking. Lack of water enhances the look of dry skin and wrinkles where well hydrated skin looks fresh and healthy. I’m going to slip an extra glass in the evenings just for the benefits of looking fresh and young (every little bit helps at my age)!

So how much water is recommended on a daily basis? The old and familiar rule is eight 8oz. glasses of water each day. It’s easy to remember which makes it easy to do. I’ve managed to add 5 glasses to my day by trading out drinks and just grabbing an extra glass here or there. Try to do the same with your water intake. Make sure you get an adequate supply of water each day and enjoy the many health benefits that it will bring you!

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