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Day and Night Security

Day and Night Security

166150299Most of us are tuned in to what it takes to keep our families safe at night. We always lock our doors, set our alarms, turn on our motion sensor lights in order to feel secure while we slumber and dream in our cozy beds. We take time while we are getting that much needed rest because the thought of a night home intruder is a scary one. Unfortunately, night is not the only time your home and precious loved ones are at risk. As a matter of fact, the security lapses that take place during the day leave us at a high risk for intrusions and attacks. Here are some common mistakes we all may make in terms of security during the day. At night, you probably would never leave your windows wide open or your back door unlocked. During the day, it may be a different story.

Many of us may leave our windows/doors open on a beautiful day to let in the breeze. This is okay if you have all of your screens closed and locked. If you do not have screens for your doors or windows, it would be a good purchase to make. These are important to help keep intruders out, especially when you are home alone. Without locked screens, someone could easily sneak inside your home and attack you.

83590550If you have invested in an alarm systems, make certain to use it. If you are working outside in your yard or playing with the kids, take the extra precaution of setting your alarm system. It’s quick and easy to push a few buttons and increase your family’s safety. Make certain if you have a babysitter staying with your children that they understand how to work the alarm and activate it while you’re away. This also applies to children staying home alone.

Home security needs to be considered both day and night, so be certain to take precautions at all times!

About Kaley Wilson

Kaley is an intern with the Protection 1 Marketing Department. She is a sophomore at Stetson University, majoring in marketing and minoring in digital arts. She is also the Panhellenic representative of the Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Delta Delta.

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