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Childproofing your Home Office

Childproofing your Home Office

Having a home office is a convenient luxury, and there are many perks of having a workplace in your own home. However, as the name ‘home office’ implies, there are areas of your home life that spill over into your office work. If you have small children in your house, the office can provide a unique set of risks and dangers for them, but there are steps to take in order to childproof your home office, preserving your children’s safety and your own sanity.

139681515 (1)1.       Cover the outlets.

You’re probably using most of the outlets in your office, but the ones you aren’t using can pose a danger to curious kids. Outlet covers will prevent any unfortunate accidents from occurring, and outlet covers that automatically slide close when a plug is removed are more convenient for you (the ones you stick directly into the outlet are always so difficult to pull back out!)

2.       Put the small stuff away.

Many office supplies are also choking hazards or dangerous for small children to handle – paper and binder clips, magnets, push pins, and staples are some examples. Placing these items in a drawer, preferably one that your kids can’t reach, will keep them from being temptations.

4539562213.       Lock or secure your drawers.

Speaking of drawers, installing magnets or child-proof drawer locks will stop your kids from getting into your supplies and documents, and will prevent injuries that can occur, such as slamming fingers in a drawer.


4.       Secure cords and wires.

Loose cords are a tripping hazard, and kids can injure themselves or be electrocuted if wires are frayed. Taping wires down to the perimeter of the room can prevent both of these issues from being a danger.

459927329 5.       Lock your computer.

This may be a security safety measure geared more towards you than your children – requiring a password to log onto your computer will prevent any mix-ups that can occur when kids press keys and click computer mice.


6.       Hide your shredder.

This one is a no-brainer. The blades in shredders are sharp, and can be dangerous even when the shredder is turned off. Put your shredder in a cupboard to prevent curiosity from getting the better of little fingers.

Having a home office is a definite benefit, but these are some steps to be taken to ensure that it remains a benefit instead of a hazard to your family. Child-proofing your office allows you to be both productive and safe!

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