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Child Safety Graphics

Child Safety Graphics

Children can be extremely explorative in early life as they are exposed to so much of the world around them. These formative years are packed with new experiences so it is very important that they are protected while they are learning.

While it can be a huge headache to kid-proof everything and everywhere children go, there are a few quick things that help make the environments they grow in less hazardous. This November, for Child Safety Month, try out these 5 simple secrets to keeping children a little further out of harm’s way.

Lock it up!

Put child locks on anything that might present a hazard to children. Keep their environment more friendly for them to explore and learn. (examples: alcohol cabinet, knife drawer, utility closet, exit doors, pool patios and medicine cabinets).

childsafetybasic1 copy

Keep it in the backseat!

Keep children in rear facing car seats until they exceed the seat’s height or weight limits. This reduces the chance of a severe injury by 75%!


Can’t touch this!

Place outlet covers on all of your home’s electrical outlets to prevent curious hands from inserting foreign objects where they don’t belong! It’s an easy way to go the extra mile.

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Keep it cool!

Set your water heater’s temperature to below 120 degrees F. By setting a lower temperature, you can reduce the chance of burns during wash time.


Going the distance!

Keeping small children away from weightlifting equipment (both in and outside of the home) helps little fingers stay healthy and free from “ouchies”!


These may seem like “common sense” but these actions are so often overlooked. Smashed fingers, scalds, and accidents are common, even for adults. So why not go the extra mile to protect the littler ones in your life?!


Do you have safety practices of your own? Share your “secrets” with the community in the comments!

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