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What a great word, Celebrate. No matter what you associate the word with, I’m sure a certain amount of joy goes with it. Who can’t resist the urge to dance when Cool and The Gang’s “Celebration” starts playing? Here are a few of my reasons to celebrate during Thanksgiving:

You get a call inviting your whole family to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving dinner – no cooking this year? YAY!

You wait until the last minute to buy the turkey and its ½ price at the grocery store!

You pull all the things out of the refrigerator you plan on cooking and realize you forgot to buy 2 things. You joyfully realize your cooking time just went down!

You open the door to the oven and the turkey is a picturesque golden brown. When you pull out the thermometer, you see it’s cooked through and all is right with the universe!

After dinner, the kids jump up and clear the table and start cleaning the kitchen (everyone has a dream)!

You discover you have room for two desserts after all!

I hope you find new things this Thanksgiving to connect the word celebrate to. In the meantime, I’m moving on to the second word in the word search, November. Now that word brings back some memories!




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