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Celebrate Your Friendship [SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND]

Celebrate Your Friendship [SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND]

147278628Well, it seems that long gone are the days that I would go to the mailbox hoping to get a letter from a friend or relative I hadn’t been in touch with for awhile. It’s a little sad, really.

Who doesn’t like opening that mailbox and finding a little personal something waiting for them inside?

In college, my grandmother would surprise me with random cards with ‘pizza treat’ money inside. I loved them, and I still think about those cards years later.

179306149You can take a moment to impact someone you care about in a special way this February 7th, National Send a Card to a Friend day. Won’t your friend be surprised to open their email to find a special something in it other than the cable bill? You know they’ll be going through the list. “Is it my birthday?” “Is someone getting married?” “A graduation invitation this early?”  What a wonderful surprise it will be to them to realize they were being thought of by someone they cared about ‘just because’!

Don’t miss this opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you. Pick up a card, make a card or send an e-card to someone and celebrate your friendship!

Want to take the extra step and really show your friend how much you care? ! Just click on the graphics below – you can leave a Facebook comment or share it to a social network like Twitter or Pinterest without having to leave this page.





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  1. Saturday is Send a Card to a Friend Day. Visit our blog to view and send 4 different eCards!

  2. In honor of #RAK15, send an eCard to a friend! Click on your favorite picture and tweet away!

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