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I Can’t Even Imagine It!

I Can’t Even Imagine It!

I just read a story about a couple who had a home invasion this past fall. According to the article, the husband went downstairs to get something and yelled upstairs, “Someone was here!” The woman ran downstairs and saw the door to their garage open and many things were askew in the house. She said the incident made her sick to her stomach, because it had happened while they were both home sleeping in the house!

200346111-001I have to admit that I’m getting sick just retyping the summary of the home invasion! I can’t even imagine how scary it would be to wake up and find that someone had gone through your home, while you were asleep and you had no idea!

Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon in home invasions. There are roughly 3.7 million home invasions that occur each year. Of those invasions, about 28% happen when someone is occupying the residence! I doubt everyone was able to sleep through the invasion undisturbed like the couple mentioned above.

Well, the good news is that getting a Protection 1 alarm system will ensure that you would not have to face a situation like that alone. Once the alarm is set, any disturbance to a monitored window or door would send an immediate alert to the Protection 1 monitored call center. They notify you immediately that there was a breech in your security system. If they are unable to get through to you, they notify the police of the security breech so they can send someone out.


Sometimes bad things do happen to good people. With Protection 1 Security at your side, you can minimize the risk to you and the damage caused knowing they have your back! Oh, and the couple in the story…they bought an alarm system and had it installed that day!

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