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Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday is a part of the Thanksgiving weekend that some people look forward to more than the actual holiday! The deals are too good to pass up, but it’s important to keep yourself, your personal information and your belongings safe on this exciting (but hectic) day. Below are 7 easy tips to make sure your shopping spree ends even better than it begins.

  1. Before you leave the house, make sure your trunk has plenty of room to hold your purchases. Placing items where they are visible through your windows makes your car a tempting target for a would-be thief. If your car gets too full to put things in the trunk, make a pit stop at home to drop things off.
  2. In the checkout line, try not to take your credit card out earlier than you need to. “Shoulder surfing”, or peeking over your shoulder to look at your information, is easy to do, and is more dangerous now that camera phones are virtually everywhere.
  3. Avoid using cash, and bring only one debit or credit card in case you get separated from your wallet so you only need to worry about cancelling one card. If you can, try to keep your keys, IDs, and credit or debit card in separate places.
  4. You can minimize credit or debit card worries by keeping a list of account numbers and associated phone numbers in a file at home.
  5. Use a cross-body bag or keep your purse close to your body, even under your coat, in order to discourage pickpockets.
  6. Thieves often look for people who seem to be overwhelmed by their purchases. Don’t buy more than you can carry – setting something down makes it an easy target to steal.
  7. If you’re shopping with a group and you’re going to split up, designate a time and a specific place to meet up. Make sure you’re aware of what everyone is wearing, including the clothes underneath their coats. If you have kids with you, pick a place to meet in case you get separated. Make sure they know that store employees will help them find you again and be certain they know your contact information.

Black Friday is supposed to be fun, but it can get stressful. Cut down on the worries and maximize the savings by using these tips to keep yourself safe this holiday season!

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