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Birmingham and Phoenix Making a Difference

Birmingham and Phoenix Making a Difference

Today we are highlighting the great community efforts that our Phoenix and Birmingham Branches have put forth. On May 18th the Birmingham Branch participated in a 5K Race for Missions.

The proceeds of this race went to helping pay for Mountaintop Community Church Mission Trips. Maria Alley, the Branch Administrator at the Birmingham Branch, said that “We are excited to sponsor the race, have our P1 logo on the race t-shirts, and set up a booth to hand out P1 info and water to the racers! Several employees will participate in the 5K or the 1- mile fun run.”

Great job, Birmingham! It looked like a fun event and I’m sure the church appreciates the amount of help you’ve put toward gathering money for their mission trips. But Birmingham wasn’t the only branch that tried to help others.

On April 27th participants Luis Castro, Sydney Castro, Jim Metz, Bonnie Metz, Jody Metz, Ryan Diller, Lindsey Snyder, Jennifer Olson, and Shawn Olson of the Phoenix Branch participated in the Fight for Air Walk in honor of Sydney Castro. The money from the walk went to help the American Lung Association fight for those that have lung cancer and emphysema, help kids with asthma, and to support teens that are hassled to start smoking.

Way to get out there and support your communities, Phoenix!

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