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Beating Boredom: How To Keep Your Summer From Slipping Away!

Beating Boredom: How To Keep Your Summer From Slipping Away!

Many people get caught in the middle of summer thinking “There’s just nothing to do!” But if you take a second look, you’ll see how these moments right now are far too important to discount by being “bored”.

The beginning of summer is often packed with activities to suck up every waking moment of free time. These mid-summer “lulls” are actually a blessing in disguise that give you time to rest and recover and prepare for the next wave of action. These times of peace are perfect for reflecting on the goals you’ve set and how you’ve made progress towards them, and pushing towards where you want to go!

Do yourself a favor and enjoy this time while you have it! Take the time to meditate, stop worrying over the lack of things to do and rest your mind. Take 15 minutes to clear your mind of work, school, your home and the daily grind! Once you’re rested, your mind and body will be in better shape to brace for the great things you have to look forward to.

If you’re still bothered that there aren’t things to do, take a look at the world around you. Get out and volunteer, help your neighbors and your family. Do some good in the world! Stop worrying about the things that hold you back and make the most of your life!

If you and the people around you are feeling stagnant, push to find motivation and share it! You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Get those wheels turning again, refuse to be bored, and make a difference instead! Talk to people, go places, develop healthy habits and more of the amazing person that you actually are!


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