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Protection 1 For All and All For 1

Protection 1 For All and All For 1

This year, in honor of our 25th Anniversary, Protection 1 is rolling out a national day of service on June 22nd. We’re calling it All For 1 Day (it’s part of our 1 For All community engagement program) and asking our 2,600 employees in 70+ locations to find a way to serve their communities on that Saturday in June.

We’re in the process of getting the details for our locations, but so far we’ve heard about food drives in Los Angeles, Miami and West Palm, a group volunteering at an animal shelter in Atlanta and a group in Manasquan preparing for their Fun Fair, an event to benefit a local safe shelter. Here at my office in Chicago, we are holding a food drive for the two weeks prior to All For 1 Day and then volunteering at Loaves and Fishes, a local food bank.

We’ve created a website, which you can visit here, to read about what each location is doing. It will continue to be updated right up until June 22nd.

We’ll also have some live Twitter updates on the day of the event to share updates, pictures and track the amount of hours we donate on that day. In 2013, we’re hoping to donate 25,000 hours as a company!

Do you have any recommendations of ways to participate in All For 1 Day? Leave them in the comments!

About Kelli Whall

Kelli manages all things communication and culture-related at Protection 1. She is constantly looking for ways to keep employees engaged outside of their daily routines while sharing the truck load of awesome that is the P1 Story to the rest of the world.

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