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5 Unique Ways to Protect Your Home

5 Unique Ways to Protect Your Home

While Protection 1 offers great basic packages to secure your home or business, every installation is different and choosing the right combination of add-ons allows for some very creative, outside of the box solutions! Alarm panels are very versatile systems that have some unique capabilities which often go unnoticed.

Here are some of our favorite creative uses:

Motion sensing trailer?
One customer placed a wireless motion sensor in a trailer housing valuable equipment. When the trailer is parked within range of the home’s wi-fi capable alarm system, they can tell if someone breaks in to steal items. On top of that if someone attempts to move the trailer the sensor will lose connection with the alarm system, also tripping an alarm making this sensor a versatile solution for their monitoring need!

Who’s in your backyard?
 Some families put a sensor on their backyard exterior and pool gates. Every time the gate is opened the alarm chimes. This not only keeps their family safe from intruders but also alerts them if children try to access the pool area. With this extra layer of protection, they stay accident free.

Temperature sensors aren’t just for A/C!
 When extreme weather hits, power outages and other surprises often follow. Windows can break, leaving your home open to the elements and unwanted entry. Heaters can turn off unexpectedly allowing pipes to freeze. One family experienced a power outage while they were on vacation during a snowstorm. Their alarm system’s thermal sensors caught the temperature change and notified the family immediately. They were able to have a friend stop by to turn off the water and, luckily, their home was saved from expensive repairs and water damage!

Get notified of leaks earlier!
 Water sensors can be placed in seldom-accessed areas prone to leaks, such as utility rooms with water heaters and water softeners. Early notification helps property owners react quickly when these high capacity reservoirs start to leak. Catching a small, hard to notice leak early might make possible a small repair instead of a costly replacement or water cleanup.

Motorized video cameras
 Remotely controlled motorized cameras are a huge improvement over their stationary counterparts. Many models are motion activated as well, collecting valuable information and acting as a silent set of eyes. When activated, the camera can send a 10-second clip to your phone notifying you of any trespasser. The remote controls then allow you to scan the room from wherever you are. With all these features and added utility, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming one of the most popular products on the market!

What about you!?! Have you found creative uses for components of your security system? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below. Then join the conversation on Facebook to share your story with other Protection 1 customers!

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