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5 Security System Myths

5 Security System Myths

Over the years there’s been a lot of stories going around about how things work, and security systems are no exception. We’ve scoured the universe for the most common rumors and put them through the ringer – just for you!

Alarms are “too expensive”
Some expect that the cost of an alarm system is extra-pricey, or that their installation expenses will run well into the thousands. However, most standard packages are very affordably priced and the installation cost is negotiable based on the services you subscribe to and the length of your contract – much like most cell phones and plans.

“A security system won’t work if power/phone lines are cut”
This is likely the oldest myth in the book! Despite what you see in spy movies, modern alarm systems have backup features built into them. This keeps them functioning even when the power has been shut off. On top of that, many units are able to be fitted with a wireless backup in case the phone line goes down. Keep this one in mind and you can cringe with us next time you see this on the silver-screen!

Alarm systems are “unreliable” or “don’t work“.
The functionality of your system is based on the placement of your sensors and the upkeep of that area – as well as the sensor. Make sure the area stays relatively clean and maintained and perform routine battery changes once every couple years. Other than that – just test your system often and you’ll have a system that’s running flawlessly! Protection 1 also offers same day service in the event something doesn’t work right, so you can’t go wrong!

“We’re already protected in other ways”
You might think that having good insurance will cover anything and everything that can go wrong. However, insurance doesn’t reimburse your business for the downtime that you may experience due to damages, bring back lost sentimental items, or deter intruders from entering.

Dogs and neighbors are often left to watch over a home. But alarm systems don’t get “too busy”, forget to check in, run away, or need to be fed. An alarm system is always working and ever-vigilant! You can rest easy on vacation knowing your house is secure, and bring the pets along for the fun!

“I’ve heard alarm systems can be a pain to maintain!”
Most of the time, the only thing an alarm system will need is battery change once every 3 years. To be safe, it’s also a good idea to perform a test on your system regularly to make sure that it’s in peak condition. – Just let us know and we’ll send someone out if there’s a problem. We make it easy with our phones answered 24/7 by a live person and we offer same day service!

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When deciding between home security companies, who you choose matters. Protection 1 is the nation’s largest full service security company, protecting residential, business, national account and integrated system customers at millions of locations.


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    I think GSM home security system is the best option, if the power or phone lines cut still working.

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    This is definitely not an issue that we’ve come to find as regular. Most reports we’ve seen – a burglar will flee the scene once the alarm goes off. However, with Protection 1 – you’ll have access to a program called Safety Net. This helps work with your insurance company in covering any out of pocket expenses you might incur!

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