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5 Questions with…Stacie Dauffenbach

5 Questions with…Stacie Dauffenbach

CaptureStacie Dauffenbach, marketing manager at Protection 1, was a panelist at the Wichita Business Journal’s BIZTalk: Social Media discussion this morning at the Wichita Area Technical College. She discussed ways that companies could use social media to enhance their business in respect to customer engagement and attracting customers through avenues such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

I interviewed Stacie for our ‘5 Questions with…” series, but changed up a couple questions to learn more about this morning’s event. Here’s what Stacie had to say:

1. Tell me a little bit about this morning’s Wichita Business Journal event and how you got involved.

The Wichita Business Journal hosts #ICTBizTalk discussions on many different topics. They had seen my name in last year’s #SocialMadness competition as well as my personal online presence in the Wichita area. They approached me a couple months ago and asked if I would have an interest in presenting about building customer relationships via social media and sharing Protection 1’s social success story. My answer was obviously OF COURSE! Social media is my passion and to be able to share my experience with local businesses is quite a personal accomplishment of mine.

2. What was your key messaging during your presentation and the Q&A session?

Know your audience, know your brand’s story and make sure your messaging is relevant to your brand. Knowing your company’s story plays a huge roll in how you communicate with your current customers and also finding new ones on social media. Your brand’s story will help craft your tone online and help with overall brand consistency. Cater your messaging around who your audience is – this way they will be more interactive and feel more “in the know” with your brand.

3. What role did Protection 1 play in preparing you for this event?

Protection 1 gave me the experience, and really the privilege, in being able to deploy great visual content across all of our social channels. They trusted me to not only communicate with our followers the Protection 1 story, but also make sure our customers were being taken care of in a professional and fast manner. The past year has really been a dream for me. Protection 1 has always been an award winning company, but this year we have been recognized for our social media efforts and have been given four awards, two of which are national awards! We have also increased our Facebook Likes 775%, blog hits 130%, and have made over 6 million social media impressions!  

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at P1?

The culture and people who make up our culture! I was always curious what it would feel like to have a job that I didn’t care about waking up early on a Monday to go to. Or one that I actually looked forward to working late for. Now I have it – I wake up every day wondering how I got so lucky. I know it sounds fake or forced, but that is really how I feel and I don’t think it’s a feeling I would get just anywhere doing social media. It really comes down to our culture and the environment at Protection1 – it’s top notch! #ILoveMyJob

5. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about applying for a career at Protection 1?

Protection 1 is a great place for career advancement. If you are thinking of applying, please do! We are always looking for new, fresh talent. Come prepared for your interview and do your research about Protection 1 so you have some talking points that will impress. Most importantly, sell yourself. Interviews are all about having confidence in yourself and what you can or have accomplished – never sell yourself short. You are very much interviewing us as we are you, so ask questions about our culture and employee benefits. I hope to see you soon as a new member of our P1 Family!

Thanks for the answers, Stacie. For those that would like to learn more about today’s WBJ event, search Twitter for #ICTBizTalk. For those of you thinking about starting or continuing your career at Protection 1, please visit

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