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5 Questions with…Juliet Morphew

5 Questions with…Juliet Morphew

Our Dallas branch is hosting a recruiting event on December 16th to further grow their commercial sales team. In preparation, I interviewed Juliet Morphew, our commercial sales manager in my “5 Questions With…” series to learn a little more about her, the Dallas team, and what makes Protection 1 the place to start, or continue, a successful sales career.

1. What is your favorite part about Protection 1?

It’s no secret that my favorite part about Protection1 is the people. Whether it is chatting with our lead service tech, Allen Crawford, about coaching his son’s soccer team, talking up some “game” and sparking competition on the sales team or helping implement company initiatives with our corporate leaders, P1 has quality people spanning character, hard work, discipline and intelligence – we know iron sharpens iron, so keep bringing it P1!

Commercial Sales Family BBQ and Hoop contest last week

Commercial Sales Family BBQ and Hoop contest last week

2. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about applying for a career at Protection 1?

Do it! It will be one of the best moves you can make, whether you are new to the industry or transplanting from a competitor. The world of security sales gets very small and once you’re in, within 2-3 short years in the industry, you’ll rise to the top and have all the job security you can want. Here is one of our newest stars, CSC 1 View rep, Scott Boddy aka “Beard”, who recently closed his first sale and continues to knock 50 doors or more EVERY day, rain or shine.

Scott Boddy

Scott Boddy and Juliet Morphew

3. What traits do you look for when you are building a team?

Someone who enjoys work and family equally, and is not afraid to hustle and promote themselves. They believe in making a difference and know their individual contributions can and will affect change. These “Hustlers” are not arrogant or selfish, quoting sales coach Anthony Iannarino, they are superb self-promoters… the hustler will believe in the value she creates, and when she tries something new, she believes that she will find a way to make a difference. We can teach just about anyone how to succeed in our business, but true “hustle” come from within, hard to teach that one, but newcomers can learn by example. We must play together to win together. 

Team Dallas poses with Regional Vice President Robert Kerr and General Manager Chris Brooks

Team Dallas poses with Regional Vice President Robert Kerr and General Manager Chris Brooks

4. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I am a musician and I’m not a natural! I believe we have to continually engage every part of our brain and keep all the synapses firing to aid us in being sharp at all times. Music is not easy for me; like most of our technical folks, I tend to be right brained. We are predominantly right brained in this industry so this is all the more reason to engage your creative side regularly even though it is not natural for you. Those two cranial hemispheres in your head won’t connect unless you make them, so brush up on another language, take a community art class or learn to play an instrument! Next concert: Dec 10 with the MCO (Millennial Choirs and Orchestras) at Myerson Symphony Hall, then  Dec 12 with the NEO (Northeast Orchestra) at Peace Lutheran Church…I’m a Violist.

Golf Course

5. What is your favorite sports team to cheer for?

Dallas Mavericks Basketball and Dallas Stars Hockey are where it’s at for my kids and me. The Mavs in their recent double overtime win….HOORAH….my kids beating the glass at a Stars game…PRICELESS…yes that is two of them in the jerseys on the glass…we can get a little rowdy.


Interested in joining the 3,500+ employees at Protection1, or at least learning more? Check out If you want the details for the event in Dallas, click here (and here’s the job posting to learn more).

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